Aesthetic and Biodiversity

A scientific project of ISEM and UMR MARBEC (University of Montpellier, France).


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This survey aims to analyze the relationship between the "beauty" of tropical reef fish and their different biological characteristics. We are exploring the relationship between aesthetic preferences and functional traits.

Pairs of coral reefs photos will be presented to you. For each of them, you have to choose the one that you find most beautiful, depending on the fish presented.

You can participate in this study very simply by clicking the link below. This survey will only take a few minutes.

This questionnaire will be available until July 2017.

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Child mode (<16 years)

Anne-Sophie Tribot UMR MARBEC
Julie Deter UMR ISEM
Thomas Claverie Université de Mayotte
Sébastien Viléger UMR MARBEC
Nicolas Mouquet UMR MARBEC